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Update: 11 May 2014

Ratification Vote for Centralized Load Planners: 22 May 2014


Central Load Planners: The delayed ratification vote for Central Load Planners has been rescheduled for May 22th.  The contract is still in the review process and plans are being set for ratification. The ratification of the CLP agreement will be the fourth contract completed.

The Fleet Technical Instructors, the Maintenance Instructors, the Food Service Employees, and the Security Officers contracts are actively being negotiated and schedule talks are set for the next several weeks.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines negotiating team is planning on meeting this coming week to continue their talks. Our members on HA are facing the same critical issues members at USAir and United have had to address in negotiations – the encroachment of regional carriers that threaten their security. O’hana by Hawaiian is small inter island feeder carrier. The real fear is Hawaiian will expand its service into the stations our members currently work and needs special attention during negotiations.


Update: 29 April 2014

Ratification Vote for Centralized Load Planners Rescheduled for a later date.

To allow additional time for the members to review the agreement, the Centralized Load Planning ratification vote has been rescheduled to a later date.


Centralized Load Planners Reach a Tentative Agreement:

Review Highlights: 24 April 2014

clp highlights



IAM-represented employees special enrollment


United Airlines is conducting a "Special Benefit Enrollment". There is information on Skynet, and a few documents the company have put together. Please take the time to read them, as changes are going to happen, even if you do nothing.

The company is only putting on 14 Enrollment Fairs, as they don't have the manpower among their 11,475 admin and management group to go to all the stations. If your local management has not already made arrangements to bring information to your station, then please ask their assistance in attending one of these meetings.

Links to Skynet and some of the documents that the Company has created are listed below:

Helpful Documents:

Benefits page: look for the "Read More" link to get to most information:

Benefit Page


Special Enrollment Page:

Lists all the documents the company produced.

Links to "Your Benefits Resource" where the changes are made.


Rich Delaney, 25 January 2014: Download

Representatives of District 141 met with upper management this past week to press for resolution of the outstanding issue of pay rates and the correct payment of earnings since November 1, 2013. The lack of information and communication to our members regarding this extraordinary delay along with the lack of a definitive time frame for the payment of these earnings were the main focus of the meeting. The company stated they had made the issue of pay their priority and were using all available resources to complete the conversion of payroll and manpower computer system. At the end of the week a telephone conference call with representatives of the Labor Relations, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Payroll Depts. was held to give the IAM an update as to the status of process and the plan to correct payroll issues once and for all. As of that call, the expectation of United is that all IAM represented employees will receive their correct hourly rate of pay as of the scheduled pay check of January 2014, for that pay period. This completion by the end of the month will account for the 5 separate payrolls still in use by United for different IAM groups. Work is being done through this week end and into the early part of next week to finalize the recalculation of pay owed since the beginning of our new contract. Employees can expect by the early days of next week to be able to view their individual pay histories using the company's intranet. Members need to be aware that the computer system works based on full pay periods; meaning that s-UA employees will see the corrected hourly rates as of November 3, 2013 - the first day of the first full pay after ratification. Money owed for any missing days (November 1 & 2) of earnings and any other unique individual payment will be calculated manually after the automation system has gotten the bulk of earnings input.

Discussion was held regarding the impact this delay has had on our members and the need to do everything possible to maximize the payments each person receives. The company has targeted that the "catch up" or retroactive money owed would be paid during a normal pay cycle and not be issued as a supplemental check in order to reduce the concern of tax withholding at a different rate. Further discussions will be held to address the value of the delayed payment and what can be done to fully compensate all members.

Additional conferences will be held early next week with United to make sure this process continues without further delay and our members receive the money they have already worked for as quickly and as accurately as humanly possible.

District 141 and United agreed this week on the seniority use and protection afforded s-UA CSR's in line stations that recently completed the above the wing/below the wing selection process. CSR's that were holding the position of Service Director prior to the separation and will now work below the wing will be considered Leads with their existing seniority, within their work status. The separation was based on basic classification seniority and work status - full time or part time. Full time SD's moving btw will be considered full time Leads. Part time SD's making the move will retain the SD position if a part time Lead position exists in their station. Former part time CSR's that previously filled full time SD positions, before the separation, will not become full time Leads btw since the separation is based on their part time basic classification status.

District 141 has begun the process to collect information from United regarding their recent announcement of annual earnings and profit. Our financial advisor, Tom Roth, will examine all financial information to verify the proper distribution of profit sharing money to the IAM. Once the calculations are verified and the correct amount of money is established for the IAM's pool, individual distribution will be based on relative earnings of each member. Simply put, those members with higher annual earnings will receive a larger dollar amount than those members that earned less throughout 2013. We expect Mr. Roth's work will be completed quickly and further information will be posted promptly.

Plans for providing information and assistance for members regarding the upcoming special enrollment for Health Insurance benefits were discussed this week with United Airlines. In station Benefit Fairs are being scheduled for hub stations across the system in addition to the information available through mailings and company communications. IAM representatives will be present at these fairs to work with United's Benefits representatives to provide guidance and information as members make their new election for insurance coverage. The special enrollment period will be February 10 - 21. The effective date of any change to individual/family coverage will be April 1, 2014. The effective date has been moved to April by mutual agreement to allow the company and insurers to provide seamless coverage for our members. This new implementation date means that the s-UA members that must make new selections for coverage, which in some cases may mean an increase in cost, will continue their current insurance coverage through the month of March. More information regarding the Health Fair schedules will be available and posted this coming week.




Final Integrated Seniority Lists, 15 January 2014: Download


fleet seniority passenger service seniority stores seniority

Rich Delaney, 20 January 2014: Download

Arbitrator Joshua Javits issued his final determination regarding the status of integrated seniority impacting District 141 members employed by United Airlines. Mr. Javits’ memorandum is posted on the District 141 website, along with the complete seniority and juniority lists compiled based on his determination. The lists are complete and final and are both system wide and station specific. All members are encouraged to view these lists and find where they are individually on all pertinent lists. Since the seniority/juniority lists will be used in different situations in the future - seniority for transfers, juniority for furlough, for example - members should review all lists. The last remaining issue regarding the full integration of seniority is the recent options chosen by line station agents between working upstairs or downstairs in their stations. Arbitrator Javits will need to review the changes this selection process has caused and determine the correct integration into work groups for agents and leads. We expect Mr. Javits will have this additional work completed in the next few weeks.

United informed District 141 this past week that the pay rates negotiated in the current agreement are expected to be incorporated in all future pay checks. Some members within District 141 that are on alternative pay period schedules have already received their first check including the new rates. These checks have not been without their problems as the company’s computer system still finds ways to incorrectly pay employees for work performed on behalf of United. Individuals that have been paid incorrectly are having the corrections made and additional checks issued as quickly as possible.

The IAM is not the only union representing United employees that has to deal with the limitations of company controlled computer systems. It has been reported that glitches in the system responsible for pilot scheduling caused many flight crews to be stranded around the world earlier this month. In addition, Flight Attendants trying to apply for their Voluntary Furlough program have experienced computer errors that denied some senior Flight Attendants the voluntary option while awarding it to junior Flight Attendants. These types of problems are fixable but irritating to everyone involved. Whether it is receiving the correct rate of pay in a reasonable period of time, or using your seniority to its fullest advantage the benefits of a collectively bargained agreement can only be realized when the implementation of the agreement is considered as important as reaching the agreement itself.

Unions, including the IAM, question how the company can struggle so greatly in developing systems that provide benefits for employees, as a result of negotiated settlements, but can modify systems with ease when the result advantages the company or management. We join with other unions, especially ALPA, in questioning the company’s push to again revise employee pleasure travel rules while delaying the full implementation of contracts. The misplaced priorities of management are on full display in the current Pass Travel Survey being conducted. Rather than focusing all resources, talent, and energy on completing implementation of contracts that are months past ratification, the company is surveying employees over the issue of management employees receiving higher boarding priority than active/retired employees. The concept that management deserves greater benefits than all other employees is in itself disturbing but the idea that this benefit is being considered and can be implemented when employees are not paid correctly turns the slogan of working together on its head. Members who choose to participate in the Pass Travel Survey should read the questions carefully as your answer could be seen as support for something you are not in favor of.

The company announcement this past week of the need to furlough legacy United Flight Attendants while retaining and potentially hiring junior legacy Continental Flight Attendants points out the continuing problems of merger. The company and the AFA have been in negotiations for a comprehensive single agreement that would apply to all Flight Attendants and replace the two separate contracts that are currently protecting the legacy carriers’ employees. Both contracts were negotiated and ratified after the merger was completed in 2010 by each group. Both contracts include job protection language specific to each legacy carrier. Both contracts must be enforced separately. District 141 was faced with this same dilemma after the merger. Employees of the merging airlines were either not represented by a union or covered under separate contracts. A choice had to be made as to whether a single agreement was in the best interests of our members or the negotiation of legacy contracts was the right thing to do. There were many good reasons put forth to go in either direction but the ultimate decision was to go forward in a single agreement path. The belief was that the sooner all groups were brought together the sooner all members would be protected by the strength of a combined workforce. Unfortunately, manpower reductions and furloughs are a fact of life in the airlines; it is how a labor agreement manages the reduction that is important to individual members. IAM represented employees of United are currently experiencing the first reduction under our single agreement. The options available to effected members are not limited based on what airline they used to work for; they are based on seniority only. There are many components included in making decisions regarding the futures of members and each Union evaluates them and acts in what they believe is in their members’ best interests. The IAM’s decision to reduce the disparate treatment of all members by bringing them together was not immediately viewed as popular and was challenged and debated in breakrooms and social media sites during our negotiations with United. Today we see examples of both approaches - separate legacy agreements or single comprehensive agreements. Members can decide which works best for them.


Survey for upcoming negotiations


UAL Central Load Planners, Food Service Employee's and Security Guards.

To participate in the survey, please click here

security guardsfood service

Retroactive/Signing Bonus Payment


Retro Pay Dispute Forms:

Instructions | sUAL Members | sCMI Members | sCO Fleet Services Members | MPI Members | sCO Public Contact Members

Rich Delaney, 16 December 2013: Download

The following forms are intended for use by members that believe their determined amount of retroactive/signing bonus payment is incorrect. There are specific forms to be used for each classification of member. These forms will show the timeframe used to calculate each groups entitlement along with the percentage increase called for in each timeframe.

Members questioning their payment are asked to fill out an individual form with the required information fully completed. Members are requested to attach all relevant documentation to support their claim. Such documentation should include copies of pay records for any time period in question. This information is available through the company's computerized system. A member challenging their payment must state the amount they believe they are owed, based on this documentation, in accordance with LOA 2 of the current agreements.

Members are requested to complete the appeal process by February 14, 2014. Any disputed claim received after that date will not be considered timely and will not be addressed.

Rich Delaney, 16 December 2013 (part 2): Download

Today, December 16, 2013, eligible United Airlines members of District Lodge 141 received their  retroactive/signing bonus payments. This payment is the culmination of many months of negotiation and follow up discussion with the company. One issue that was not part of the negotiation process but is nonetheless an important consideration of our members is the way this payment has been treated in regards to federal income tax withholding. The taxation of earnings is a fact of life in the United States, which has led to the cliché that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. The question many are asking today is whether the rate of withholding is excessive and was there an alternative to it.

The company is bound by the regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service in handling this payment and the required tax liability. The IRS considers payments outside the normal payment of regular earnings as "supplemental" earnings and gives companies two options of how to withhold tax. One is a flat percentage tax rate and the other is to use an "aggregate" method. The aggregate method adds the amount of the supplemental payment to a regular paycheck and then taxes both the regular amount and additional amount. Even though many members believe this method should have been used believing it taxes at a lower rate, it in fact ends up taking more tax out of check than necessary.

The company agreed to use the simpler flat percentage method, rather than the more complicated aggregate way. The percentage used for all IAM members is 25%.

Members may ask, especially after being told by others, why is the tax rate in excess of 40% and could the IAM somehow have prevented it? The answer is as explained above, those claims are not correct. What we believe members are confusing is the total amount of deductions and that portion that is tax. Other deductions such as Social Security, Medicare, state taxes (where applicable), and 401(k) contributions have also be made and have added to the overall difference between the gross amount of earnings and the take home or net amount members received today. In other words, not all the deductions made to a paycheck are income taxes.

Members concerned with the amount of income tax deducted from their payment should keep in mind another fact of life - citizens are taxed once a year, deductions are made from each paycheck in order to pay whatever tax is ultimately owed. If members have had too much money withheld from their checks it will be refunded at the time of filing individual tax returns.

Members questioning the gross amount of their retroactive/signing bonus payment can go to our website and access the appeal form for their classification and fill it out within the next 60 days.   





Final Integrated Seniority Lists, 15 January 2014: Download


fleet seniority passenger service seniority stores seniority


Health Insurance 2014:


Health Care Information and Costs for April 2014

Visit Skynet:2014 IAM Medical Preview

Timeline for the Company's plan for re-enrollment:

February 5th Explanation Materials mailed to employees homes.
February 10th Benefits Enrollment online begins.
February 21st Benefits Enrollment Ends.
February 24th Correction period begins.
March 7th Correction period ends.
April 1st New Benefit packages and costs start.


Documents to download:



IAM Seniority Integration Summary Chart and Cover Letter

Summary of how the different Seniority dates were determined by Joshua Javits.

"Neutral's Report and Recommendations" regarding Seniority Integration

Read the report completed by Joshua Javits, "Neutral's Report and Recommendations". This outlines the process of combining Seniority lists involving Fleet Service, Passenger Service, and Stores Employees of Pre-merger United Airlines, Mileage Plus, Continental Airlines, and
Continental Micronesia.

Download: Seniority Integration Update - October 11, 2013


Contracts and Highlights:

Download: 2013-2016 Fleet

Download: 2013-2016 Passenger Service

Download: 2013-2016 Storeskeepers

Download: Contract | Pay Raise | Job Security - More Information: 03 October, 2013

Download: Contract Highlights


Past Updates:

Rich Delaney, 12 November 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, 11 November 2013:

District 141, working with the outside attorneys hired to represent all members through the seniority integration process, is finalizing the review and accuracy of the fully integrated lists. These lists, for each work classification and station, have been developed based on the determination and decision received from arbitrator Joshua Javits.

The initial seniority lists will be posted on District 141’s website on Tuesday, November 12, 2013. Each member is asked to review their position on the appropriate list to make sure it is accurate. We especially encourage everyone to make sure their seniority dates are correct as shown on the list.

Members will have the opportunity to file individual appeals if they believe the list, or their position on the list, is not right. Appeals can be made directly to arbitrator Javits. Mr. Javits has given a 30 day period for these appeals. Mr. Javits has established an additional 30 day period for him to respond to each appeal. At the end of that time, approximately January 14, 2014, the seniority lists will become final and no changes will be made.

Rich Delaney, 10 November 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, 07 November 2013: Video Update

Rich Delaney, 01 November 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, 30 October 2013: Video Update

Rich Delaney, 29 October 2013: Download

Rich Delaney Update, 25 October, 2013: Download

Rich Delaney Update, 25 October, 2013: Download

Rich Delaney Update, 19 October, 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, October 13, 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, October 03, 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, 29 September 2013: Download

Rich Delaney, 26 September, 2013: Download


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